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S2ConsoleTM (Desktop Version - Network Solution and Stand Alone)

S2ConsoleTM is a Safety Management System designed by safety professionals. Thanks to our clients' ongoing input and support S2ConsoleTM is becoming the standard for excellence in workplace safety.

S2ConsoleTM Safety Management System is end user customizable. Our clients populate all drop downs. Reports are easily created using search, sort and print mechanisms. Communication outside of the system can be done via email, excel or word.

Feature list

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S2Console's comprehensive platform and intuitive interface is organized in seamless modules. This allows our clients instant access to track information on their people, training, incidents, claims, meetings, inspections, equipment, MSDS, Procedures, JHA, Statistics and Analysis.

Safety Dashboard S2ConsoleTM supplies a safety dashboard prompting action due dates, training due, and driver's license expiry and vehicle service requirements.

Track People their health care information, emergency contact information, absenteeism, incidents, and job history, PPE in their possession, medical tests, and training, certification, documents and drivers license.

Monitor training requirements, training due, schedule classes, hold training events, track tickets or certificates and certifications, keep an eye on costs.

Monitor claims Monitor claims, claim costs, update status, report and analyze. The information you entered as a result of the injury is transferred to the claims module when the check box is enabled. No more duplicate data entry.

Meeting Minutes Produce formal Safety Meeting minutes and informal Toolbox Meeting minutes. If you have a particular topic to cover or perhaps a guest speaker, check the student record box and a training record is produced.
see more: toolbox

Inspections of sites, equipment and environment identifying hazards and applicable corrective actions are monitored in the inspection module. A built in graph shows the number of hazards identified which have been corrected or remain open.

Equipment and vehicles that require periodic inspection or service are monitored in this area of the program. PPE and Respirator Fit tests are conducted here using built in forms and shortcuts. Ensuring that MSDS is accessible by all, producing binders, keeping sheets current and printing labels for dispensed product is also done in the Equipment module.
also see: Respirator fit test MSDS

Procedures The procedures area allows the storage of blank forms, documents, policies, procedures, and training materials. Action Plans and items are scheduled here. Emergency contacts for the company are listed here (who to call in the event that) and Job Hazard Assessment and Analysis is also performed in this section.
also see: Action plans and items Job Hazard Assessment

Analysis & Statistics Empower your supervisors and safety officers with the analysis module immediately identifying problem areas permitting them to act quickly. Statistics are calculated with the entry of just a few key figures

The Set Up Module allows each user (that has permissions) to identify their own views for the dashboard and some menu items. Administrators are able to change many of the labels within the system.

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