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We surveyed our clients and found that 100% of the respondents claimed the following about S2Web Corporate(TM) and Spence Software.


Spence Software Survey Results

Based on experience, how would you rate S2Web Corporate(TM)?

How often do you use S2Web Corporate(TM)?Daily
Convenient and easily accessibleAgree
Comprehensive yet easy to useAgree
Fast data entry and recording of eventsAgree
Visually appealing and easy navigation Agree
Consistent, logical and well organized modulesStrongly Agree
Saves time and energy and allows me to be more proactiveAgree
Great valueStrongly Agree
Excellent reporting and trending toolStrongly Agree
Successfully performs its intended tasksAgree
Helps me do my job/task more efficientlyAgree
Client service is readily available and quick to respond to questions, comments, concernsStrongly Agree

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, are you satisfied with your experience using S2Web Corporate(TM), dissatisfied with it, or neither satisfied or dissatisfied with it?Quite Satisfied
How likely is it that you would recommend S2Web Corporate(TM) to a friend or colleague?Promoter

We were challenged with trying to keep our safety and quality related data in one, easy to access, user friendly package.  We found that S2 enabled us to integrate our critical data, share that data and give access to all of our staff. It allows me to have all our safety data at my fingertips, which in turn saves valuable time that gets me out in the facility to focus on mentoring our staff and further indoctrinating our safety culture and philosophy more effectively. We chose Spence based on feedback from long time users.  It was clear that those companies that already had Spence in place were extremely happy with their user experience.  I can’t say enough good things about them.  Reliable, innovative and friendly come to mind.  .  Seeing is believing.  My suggestion is to call and demo the software.  You won’t be disappointed!

  • Jeff Marshall
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Lethbridge Iron Works Co. Ltd

S2 has improved work life here as it is very easy to use, and the support we receive from Ron and Linda is absolutely incredible. They respond very quickly and rectify any issues right away; they also have customized the program to fit our needs; IE we wanted a picture of our employees on the people page, we also wanted to change “employee number” to “IEC number” which more properly defines them and their safety training in our system.   I feel like we get more than our monies worth, because we have the peace of mind knowing that Ron and Linda are just an email or phone call away and they are always right here for us! We would absolutely recommend S2Web Corporate and Spence Software to our colleagues, friends and associates.

  • Jessica Roberts
  • Safety Department
  • Kel-Gor Limited

Working with spreadsheets was so frustrating. Searching for paper work was time consuming. The safety program was well written but under utilized. Lost time injuries occurred and worst recurred.  As a small business in construction, we needed something to help us put it all together. We needed not just software but safety consultants and thought we could not afford it. Much to our surprise, when Spence Software provided us a demonstration of S2Web we loved it and we could afford it.  Spence Software's experience in safety management was put to the test when we sent them our forms and spreadsheets. Each piece was looked at carefully by a human eye to ensure that we would receive optimal data when we got our SMS. Within 6 days we were fully implemented and the system training took only a few hours. Project managers, foremen, administration, and even me (the old dog) took to S2Web like kids to candy!  We highly recommend this product and this company. Take the time, make the investment, it is worth every penny and then some.

  • Peter Vincent
  • President
  • Ace Demolition

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System is an important record management tool that ensures that Cummins Sales and Service remains compliant with all provincial and federal Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as well as NSC safety standards.  The available modules are customized to meet our specific needs with respect to training, inspections, incidents and completion of initiatives aimed at improving our HSE performance. Spence Software shares our goal of continually improving the S2Web database to meet evolving HSE requirements.

  • Mariette Cyr,
  • HSE Database Administrator
  • Cummins Western Canada

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System implementation was customized to suit our business and it enabled Pyramid to track and report efficiently and effectively directly from a web based platform.  With the comprehensive suite of modules to compliment HSE management such as people reporting, training, and tracking of fleet management, along with their excellent customer support, Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System is a key component of Pyramid Corporation investing in the best tools to achieve our Target Zero Through The Power of Prevention Initiative.

  • Terri Cornish
  • Corporate HSE Administrator
  • Pyramid Corporation

PME has been using the S2WEB service for a number of years. We have found the service especially useful for tracking the training of our work force which tend to move from site to site and sector to sector with varying degrees of training requirements for each. S2WEB helps us monitor the training and ensure that we are sending the right people to the job. 

In addition, S2WEB has assisted greatly in the incident investigation, review and closeout process. We believe that thorough investigations will lead to incident reduction in the future. S2WEB has put every step of the investigation and review process at the finger tips of our Senior Leadership who can ensure that our incident investigations are of the highest quality and that corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner, by the right people and are effective. 

  • Scott Russell
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • PME Inc

S2Web Corporate is a great asset to our company.  We like how the program was customized to suit our needs.  Thanks to S2Web Corporate we are able to keep track of multiple client’s equipment maintenance and inspection intervals and provide them with reports on a regular basis.  We also utilize the incident investigation/management portion of the system,  the inspections to ensure our facility and equipment are kept in optimal order, as well as utilize the training module to ensure our own employees’ training is always adequate and up to date.

  • Damond DeJong
  • TNT Tank and Trailer

The site provides a complete repository for all of our safety & training related documentation as well as equipment maintenance record keeping.  S2 Web Corporate  Safety Management System is easy to navigate and makes our record keeping a breeze to maintain and access whenever critical information is required.  We love how this has improved the administration of our overall safety program as well as simplifying the COR Audit review process.

We would highly recommend Spence Software to anyone who is serious in improving their safety program and overall record keeping

  • Mark Coleman, CSO
  • Team Construction Management Ltd.

Black Tiger Fuels has been operating with the S2Web Corporate™ Safety Management system since late last year, and have found it to be a great way to track employee information, training records, incidents and job observations. All documents and information can be entered from any of our locations and viewable to each site in real time, along with an email reminder upon expiry. No more missing documents.

  • Roger Crabtree
  • Owner
  • Black Tiger Fuels

We had been using S2Console since 2009, liked the software and wanted to upgrade with the ability to port all data into S2WEB.  Our challenges were  having a single database with all safety/quality related information; time management; accountability to have assigned tasks completed in a timely manner

S2WEB is a more efficient program that provides everyone within the company one location to log and locate our safety data and assign and track tasks that require action.  We have customized many forms within the modules to meet our needs and flow with the common practices currently in place. I am excited to begin utilizing all of the features this program has to offer and would definitely recommend S2Web.

  • Tiffany Hofley
  • Operations Administrative Assistant
  • Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd. (UEE)

We historically used a simple Excel spreadsheet, are in an isolated location with high reporting requirements to our Client.  Our environment is complicated in nature with numerous patients seen in clinic.  S2Web has Professionalized our reporting to include all types of benefits from simple tracking to identifying trends.  Spence Software was willing to work with us to design a software specific for our needs and within our budget.  We would recommend S2Web in a minute.

  • Cinthia Zeer
  • Clinic Services Manager
  • Primco Dene EMS