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Custom Safety Software Solution

Our Custom Safety Software Solutions are developed one on one with the client and development team. The S2Custom Solution packages include our on the fly report and graphs as well as search mechanisms. We work with the issue and provide a solution based solely on your requirements. Any situation and circumstance is addressed, regardless of the restrictions, challenges, regulations or experience of your company. Tell us your unique situation for an effective solution and proof of concept.

More Information

  • Born in 2009
  • Secure dedicated web server
  • 100% Custom built to specification
  • On the fly reports & graphs
Demo Please


A major electrical utility was regularly conducting an annual safety audit of over one hundred work sites spread across a large area. The safety department had to visit these sites on regular basis to ensure compliance. The audit had to be customized to each site and scores tallied. Spreadsheets and site visits was the methodology.

The Solution

A custom web application was built that enabled each site to create and customize a localized version of the audit under the watchful eye of the safety manager. Throughout the year, the records of safety activity were entered and monitored using the web application. Both the local site and the safety management team could monitor progress using charts and reports. This meant no surprises at the end of the year when the audits were to be completed.

The Result

The sites now are able to define their own terms as to what is required and the safety department can monitor all aspects of the audit throughout the year.

Safety Audits of over 150 sites - graphc showing progress over the year.

Safety Audits of over 150 sites - graphic showing progress over the year

Tree represents corporate structure - graphs of progress in Excel