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Cummins Sales and Service is an exclusive distributor for Cummins Inc., the world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines and a global leader in power generation technology.  We take pride in providing quality service and support for Cummins engines, generators, filters and related products, serving the varied needs of our customers in Western Canada, such as mining, oil and gas, power generation, agriculture and on and off-road vehicle service.

Safety is not just a priority for Cummins, it is a value, and we strive every day to ensure our employees, visitors and contractors go home safe.  We aim to create a world class interdependent Health, Safety and Environmental culture where the ultimate goal is zero injuries.

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System is an important record management tool that ensures that Cummins Sales and Service remains compliant with all provincial and federal Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as well as NSC safety standards.  The available modules are customized to meet our specific needs with respect to training, inspections, incidents and completion of initiatives aimed at improving our HSE performance. Spence Software shares our goal of continually improving the S2Web database to meet evolving HSE requirements.

Pyramid Corporation is a division of the PTW Energy Services Group offering a broad range of services, including   electrical, instrumentation, maintenance and construction, fabrication, control panel manufacturing, meter proving, well testing and includes the specialized repair of ESP submersible pump cables.

Pyramid Corporation strongly believes that no accidents or incidents are acceptable, no matter how small and that every program should constantly evolve, investing in new processes, systems and equipment that make the job easier and safer.

This is also how we approach our HSE program; we build policies and standards, apply behaviour based safety, and continuously invest in the best tools. We take these components and tirelessly refine them so that we are always providing our team with everything they need to be safe.

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System implementation was customized to suit our business and it enabled Pyramid to track and report efficiently and effectively directly from a web based platform.  With the comprehensive suite of modules to compliment HSE management such as people reporting, training, and tracking of fleet management, along with their excellent customer support, Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System is a key component of Pyramid Corporation investing in the best tools to achieve our Target Zero Through The Power of Prevention Initiative.

PME Inc.— or PME— is a self-performing, heavy civil contractor based in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Aside from servicing projects from start-to-finish— from central to western Canada— this dedicated group has made an investment in highly specialized equipment for complex oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, and power-generation projects. Backed by substantial civil and industrial resources that deliver competitive pricing and consistent results, this team easily converts first-time clients into lasting partners.


PME has been using the S2WEB service for a number of years. We have found the service especially useful for tracking the training of our work force which tend to move from site to site and sector to sector with varying degrees of training requirements for each. S2WEB helps us monitor the training and ensure that we are sending the right people to the job. 


In addition, S2WEB has assisted greatly in the incident investigation, review and closeout process. We believe that thorough investigations will lead to incident reduction in the future. S2WEB has put every step of the investigation and review process at the finger tips of our Senior Leadership who can ensure that our incident investigations are of the highest quality and that corrective actions are implemented in a timely manner, by the right people and are effective. 

TNT is an exclusive dealer for Doepker, Heil and Tremcar in the Lloydminster area.  Grain Trailers, Flat Decks, Sulphur, Fuel, Nitrogen and Oil Tankers as well as Enclosed, Goose Necks and Car Haulers.  They have a rental fleet & financing available.  TNT Tank and Trailer offer service and inspections performed by well-trained heavy duty mechanics and they have a 24 hour on call service truck.  Their new facility is 26,500 sq. ft. and offers 2 steam/wash bays for both internal and external washes and they specialize in industrial TDG units. “S2Web Corporate is a great asset to our company.  We like how the program was customized to suit our needs.  Thanks to S2Web Corporate we are able to keep track of multiple client’s equipment maintenance and inspection intervals and provide them with reports on a regular basis.  We also utilize the incident investigation/management portion of the system,  the inspections to ensure our facility and equipment are kept in optimal order, as well as utilize the training module to ensure our own employees’ training is always adequate and up to date. ” 

Spence Software thoroughly enjoys working with Team Construction and believe that we share the same level of commitment.  “Team’s commitment is to building creative solutions, value, and relationships.  Our mantra, “working together…winning together” clearly defines our core belief that we can only succeed if our customers achieve their goals”

“Team Construction Management is a medium sized construction firm located in the Central Okanagan of British Columbia.   We became COR certified in 2014 and began searching for a software platform that would provide an organizational structure for managing our Occupational Health & Safety Program. After testing various software programs, we finally landed on Spence Software’s S2 Web Corporate due to its web based platform, comprehensive suite of modules and excellent customer support.

The site provides a complete repository for all of our safety & training related documentation as well as equipment maintenance record keeping.  S2 Web Corporate  Safety Management System is easy to navigate and makes our record keeping a breeze to maintain and access whenever critical information is required.  We love how this has improved the administration of our overall safety program as well as simplifying the COR Audit review process.

We would highly recommend Spence Software to anyone who is serious in improving their safety program and overall record keeping.

Mark Coleman, CSO ASTTBC

Team Construction Management Ltd.”

Here at Spence Software, we have the distinct pleasure of working with thousands of fantastic people whose management have chosen to support the provision of software tools which have empowered their employees.  Each Monday, we will highlight one of these clients and what they have to say about us and/or the use of S2Web Corporate™ Safety Management System.  Today, we introduce Black Tiger Fuels.

Since 2006, Black Tiger Fuels has been supplying clients with Imperial Esso bulk fuel, cardlock fuel,  tank rentals, and lubricants in Northern Alberta.

“Black Tiger Fuels has been operating with the S2Web Corporate™ Safety Management system since late last year, and have found it to be a great way to track employee information, training records, incidents and job observations. All documents and information can be entered from any of our locations and viewable to each site in real time, along with an email reminder upon expiry. No more missing documents.”