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Here at Spence Software, we have the distinct pleasure of working with thousands of fantastic people whose management have chosen to support the provision of software tools which have empowered their employees.  Each Monday, we will highlight one of these clients and what they have to say about us and/or the use of S2Web Corporate™ Safety Management System.  Today, we introduce Black Tiger Fuels.

Since 2006, Black Tiger Fuels has been supplying clients with Imperial Esso bulk fuel, cardlock fuel,  tank rentals, and lubricants in Northern Alberta.

“Black Tiger Fuels has been operating with the S2Web Corporate™ Safety Management system since late last year, and have found it to be a great way to track employee information, training records, incidents and job observations. All documents and information can be entered from any of our locations and viewable to each site in real time, along with an email reminder upon expiry. No more missing documents.”

A comprehensive safety software package will have a preventative maintenance area where you can schedule service, inspections, and maintenance to be done at an interval of your choice.  My vehicle for example needs an oil change each 10,000 km’s the result of not doing so may be catastrophic engine failure.  Larger pieces of equipment such as cranes, forklifts, boilers and production machinery should all be on a preventative maintenance program.  What about your safety gear?  Should fire extinguishers, harnesses and SCBA units not have regular inspections and preventative maintenance?

This will be one of the topics to be discussed at our upcoming Small Business Safety Management Webinar on Wednesday, July 13th at 9:30am PT.  Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Register.  Upon receipt of your registration you will receive an online meeting invitation with all of the details.

Most safety audits include a requirement for inspections and preventative maintenance of all of the above mentioned items.  I often hear that a company with a fleet has a GPS system which covers preventative maintenance – but it rarely does it cover inspections and repairs due to an incident.  Sometimes machinery with hour meter also has a built in system for preventative maintenance however the hole here is also inspections, repairs, and sometimes quality.  Safety gear is often completely overlooked and not tracked – how devastating would it be that the first time you go to use a fire extinguisher it fails, go to don your fall protection harness only to find missing parts, or need to use a defibrillator with no battery!   

Safety software should help you connect the dots – each piece of equipment should have its own container/file with preventative maintenance attached and inspections, incidents, and actions/repair orders, and any documentation should link to the unit.  Only then do you have a full understanding of the history of a piece of equipment, tool, safety gear or vehicle.  It just makes sense to track it in a safety software solution, doesn’t it?

It is important for a small business to empower a majority of employees with the tools and ability to contribute to the safety program.  Many small businesses find that an effective Safety Management System is out of reach primarily due to resources both monetary and human.  Perhaps you are trying to get away for spreadsheets or paper?  You want to improve the flow of information?  Acquire or maintain COR?  Reduce stress associated to audits?  Our web based safety software packages start at just $3000.00 to purchase (12 month Interest Free Payment Plan $250.00/mo.), and our staff have years of experience in safety management.   To explore your options, register to attend our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why DO we do workplace inspections?  Is it to find things that are in need of repair, are dirty, or pose a hazard? Is it to complete a mandatory requirement? Is it to record substandard conditions or acts?  Of course all these are true and there is much more.

When I ask the question "Who needs training" to management who are responsible for training employees there is always a moment of silence. The question is loaded with issues that many companies handle with difficulty. 

Very heavy hearts as we watch the news surrounding the massacre in Orlando, FL.  We send prayers, positive thoughts and strength to the #LBGTQ Community and the people of #Orlando