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Safety Management Systems using the 5 W’s

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What is a Safety Management System (SMS)?

If we examine the Wikipedia definition, in essence it is described as an organization’s comprehensive process which identifies hazards and mitigates the risk, while maintaining that the controls put in place are effective. The process involves goal setting, planning and measuring of performance. Seems simple enough, but the myriad of components for each step of the process, makes it extremely complex. Establishing policy, organizing, planning and implementation, evaluation and action for improvement are all involved. Now let’s introduce the safety stack or the framework for a successful safety management system. There is another level of complexity – Administration, Procedures, Manual, Handbook, Orientations and Training, Inspections, Meetings, Standards and Regulation.

Our clients have told us that we provide the “framework” which makes the organizing, planning and implementation that much easier. S2 Products provide an organized platform where each component is tracked by a module. The modules work together which eases the measuring of performance within each category. Reports and charts, or as we call it “the proof” are always just a few clicks away.

The SMS should at a minimum, meet or exceed legal obligations and ensure you are looking at all the risks associated to your organization. A properly implemented Safety Management System will be the single point of reference with several points of access which makes your standards transparent and consistently measures performance following your guidelines. Your SMS should assist in promoting the safety culture within your organization.