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Safety Management System Pricing

Spence Software offers great value and an unlimited user experience at a very affordable price.  Unlimited number of users, unlimited number of records, unlimited document or support file storage.  The Spence model is NOT Pay-Per-Use, in fact they encourage their clients to allow the majority of their work force to have some level of access through their robust and flexible security infrastructure.  Spence believes that the buy-in to your S2Web Corporate™EHS Management System is essential to  building a good safety culture company wide and promotes accountability, increases transparency and adds a communication channel.

Spence Software determines the price of your S2Web Corporate™  based on the number of modules required, the overall size of the company including branches/locations/business units, and the level of customization.  Request A Demo to receive a firm and formal proposal.

S2 Custom Solutions™ costs are determined by the individual needs of the company and how much the foundation or suite of modules will have to be altered to fit the requirements.  The overall size of the company is also considered.  Please Contact Us with a list of your requirements for assessment.