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Pick and choose the modules required from a foundation. Work with us to set it up to use corporate terminology, mirror business processes and lifecycles. Then together we define drop downs, reporting and trending needs.

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  • Born in 2005
  • Secure dedicated web server
  • Tailored to client specification
  • 23 Organized modules
  • On the fly reports & graphs


Anything you have in spreadsheets, documents, or other databases is utilized to initially populate the system. Once the initial set-up is complete, full control is provided to the client. Typically, within a month, our clients receive a fully loaded and ready-to-use S2Web Corporate™ system with 24/7/365 access in a fully secure environment.  All modules are built the same way to reduce the learning curve and offer consistent functionality.  Each module comes with a form which can be modified as well as built-in pick lists; a document & actions container; the ability to email or print an individual record; a set of standard reports & drill down charts/graphs with search or filter options and export to Excel, Word, XML and CSV.  Reports or charts which are frequently needed can be saved as a favorite or shortcut.  S2Web Corporate™ is the culmination of decades of input from human resource and safety professionals and it provides one point of reference with unlimited points of access.


On the left side the menu is navigated by selecting the module of interest. Menu items can be renamed to match your corporate terminology. On the right side is a series of icons which are touch screen compatible and in use with windows 8 PC’s, laptops, and tablets.

Allows you to keep your personal information such as address, phone, driver's license and emergency contacts up to date.  Additionally, you can see your involvement within the safety program and notify your supervisor of any inaccuracy.  HSE and HR people tell us they like that the employee has access to their information and that it puts some of the onus on the individual.  Frequently new employees are provided with a tour of S2Web Corporate upon being hired so that they can contribute.  


A snap shot of 6 current events in chart format which includes Safety Observations, Incidents, Inspections, Meetings, 7 Day Notice & Training Due.  

Displays actions you have assigned or have been assigned to you which are open and need completion.

The overview of critical items which are set to expire within the next 7 days.  Items include Actions, Driver's License, Contractor's Insurance, Asset Insurance and Asset Maintenance.

The Employee Record is as comprehensive or as simple as you would like.  The module comes with Emergency Contact; Driver's License and Abstracts; Comments and automated Job History.  The information is organized in logical tabs and intertwined with the sub-modules, Training & Curriculum, Safety Observations, Incidents, Meetings, Actions and Inspections.  The entire record is an at-a-glance of a persons involvement with your safety program.

Track the applicants competing for a position and all of their qualifications including supporting documentation.  The life cycle of your hiring and on-boarding process.  Once hired, click a button and the candidate becomes an employee in the People module.

Sub Contractor Module Manage pre-qualification surveys, insurance, WCB information and all that you need to know about the companies who work for you.  A document container allows you to store documentation such as a letter of good standing, insurance certificate, or awarded contract information.  The actions tab stores any actions assigned to the company from any module within the system.

Track training and certification with the robust training module. Curriculum allows you to assign groups of courses to groups of people.

Our clients told us they commonly found different JSA/JHA's for the same task at different sites/projects/business units. This is the reason why we built this module. The module provides a consistent platform from which to build an accurate Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis. The report stores your inventory of tasks or job titles.  The pdf of the jha/jsa can be stored in the Library for everyone in the company to see, print, or email.  

Online training specific to your company’s or client needs. Write your own content, quizzes, and S2Web automatically creates a training record. Email goes to the person who assigned the training should the person taking it not do so well. Actions can be assigned to perhaps start a mentoring program to improve upon the worker’s performance. Documents may be attached in case sign off is required or there are additional materials.

Sometimes referred to as Report Card module or Target Card, this area is used to record Hazard ID’s, informal Job Observations and Safety Suggestions. Upon entry, an email automatically goes to a group of people (determined by you) for further investigation.  The module is supported by actions, documents and has the ability to print or email individual records. 

S2Web’s incident form is built by thousands of safety professionals to be the most comprehensive trending tool. One form records multiple events that upon saving triggers an email to be sent to a predetermined group of people to commence the investigation. Clients tell us they love that it is simple enough for a worker to use yet complex enough to handle a thorough process and life cycle.

Manage all types of claims – work related or not work related. Claims connect to incidents or a person in the database. Maintain records of conversations with the worker, adjusters, supervisors, witnesses. Track costs and reimbursements. Monitor attendance while on the claim.

We mirror your check lists into S2Web Corporate™ exactly as they appear on paper. Create corrective actions for any deficiency found quickly and easily. Inspections are scored to quickly identify areas of improvement.

Never miss a service for any of your equipment or fleet again. Use this module to schedule services and inspections for any asset.  


Create the agenda connecting from the S2Web Corporate ™ database or from scratch. Share with colleagues to get their input. Hold the meeting, record attendance, and the system automatically records the meeting information in the personnel record as participating.  Perfect for any time there is a gathering of a group of people discussing a group of topics.  Many of our clients use Meetings to conduct JHA reviews and orientation.


Trend upon corrective actions. No matter where the action is coming from it will be found in this container.  The Action module allows you, with just a click of a chart, assess where your actions are coming from (Incidents, inspections, meetings, safety observations, etcetera).  One more click will show you the most common control types used to mitigate risk.  Email reminders can be used to prompt the person responsible to complete the assigned item.


The cabinet for each document attached to any record within S2Web Corporate™.  It is also the mechanism for uploading documents to the Library area.  The document container comes in handy when you are needing to find a supporting file associated to let's say an incident and you are not able to remember when it occurred.  


Store your safety manual, policies, procedures, forms, MSDS, lists, reference or training materials, JSA/JHA’s, for everyone within the company to have access to when they need it.  When we first meet with people, they sometimes tell us they have a intranet or document sharing platform - more often than not, it is discovered that their important documents are difficult to find or many of the work force do not have access to that particular system.


Add your man hours and let S2Web Corporate™ do the rest. Automatically calculates LTI/TRI and displays both leading and leading indicators. Customized for each client.


The Setup area allows system administrators to set up user profiles, pick lists/drop down fields, clients with projects, contracts, or job numbers, email notifications of incidents, course lists with expiration, duration, delivery methods and other crucial pieces of information for S2Web Corporate™ to apply to the inherent processes.  The set up area is where all Delete functions reside making it difficult to delete by mistake.