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Pick and choose the modules required from a foundation. Work with us to set it up to use corporate terminology, mirror business processes and lifecycles. Then together we define drop downs, reporting and trending needs.

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  • Born in 2005
  • Secure dedicated web server
  • Tailored to client specification
  • 23 Organized modules
  • On the fly reports & graphs


Anything you have in spreadsheets, documents, or other databases is utilized to initially populate the system. Once the initial set-up is complete, full control is provided to the client. Typically, within a month, our clients receive a fully loaded and ready-to-use S2Web Corporate™ system with 24/7/365 access in a fully secure environment.  All modules are built the same way to reduce the learning curve and offer consistent functionality.  Each module comes with a form which can be modified as well as built-in pick lists; a document & actions container; the ability to email or print an individual record; a set of standard reports & drill down charts/graphs with search or filter options and export to Excel, Word, XML and CSV.  Reports or charts which are frequently needed can be saved as a favorite or shortcut.  S2Web Corporate™ is the culmination of decades of input from human resource and safety professionals and it provides one point of reference with unlimited points of access.


Add your man hours and let S2Web Corporate™ do the rest. Automatically calculates LTI/TRI and displays both leading and leading indicators. Customized for each client.

Produce your statistics here, Import Hours per Project, Company or site or manually enter them. S2Web Corporate™ will populate incidents and pro active items such as hazard ID's, Job Observations, Safety Meetings as well. S2Web Corporate ™will perform the calculations and break it down to site, project, quarter, department...or however you would like to see it.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE to view in larger format.