S2Web Safety Software Features

S2Web Features

Comprehensive Health and Safety Management System Features

S2Web's rich feature set helps you to manage all aspects of occupational health and safety and regulatory compliance. S2Web is comprised of over 20 easy-to-use modular applications that work seamlessly together and can be customized to suit different tasks and workflows across your organization. S2Web's safety software features include people management, safety training, preventative actions (inspections, job safety and job hazard analysis, non conformance), incidents and claims processing, reporting and document control.

— S2Web Safety Management System Features —

People Management

S2Web's extensive People management tools provide you with a 'big picture' of your employee's safety program performance. Track and report on a broad range of employee safety and HR indicators. Stay on top of contractors to ensure they meet safety standards and insurance requirements.... [ More ]

Safety Training

Take the load off delivering and tracking safety training programs with automated course assignment and completion sign-off to ensure your staff are fully oriented and certified to work safely. Timely expiration and course refresher notifications help you keep employee skills up-to-date... [ More ]

Preventative Actions

Actions are where the rubber meets the road in making safety improvements across your organization. Schedule Meetings and assign Action items while establishing correct procedures through Job Safety and Job Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA). Easily input Inspection and Safety Observation data... [ More ]

Incidents and Claims

S2Web's safety incident management and claims tracking software features provide detailed record keeping capabilities and simple claims processing to cover the full incident lifecycle. Record conversations with effected workers and all adjusters, supervisors and witnesses along with... [ More ]


Reports are essential for making good business decisions which is why you'll find them featured throughout S2Web Safety Management Software. Choose from multiple statistical or graphic chart options. Create unique segments for revealing hidden safety issues and highlighting Key... [ More ]

Document Control

Document control and storage is fully integrated across S2Web allowing you to attach photos, PDF and MS Office files directly into your records where required. S2Web includes a large quota of centralized file storage so that space is never at a premium. Library access permissions provide... [ More ]

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