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Figures at your Fingertips

Reports are essential for making good business decisions which is why you'll find them featured throughout S2Web Safety Management Software. Choose from multiple statistical or graphic chart options. Create unique segments for revealing hidden safety issues and highlighting Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). Easily distribute to colleagues in a variety of electronic or hardcopy formats or save to your dashboard for future reference.

Generate Reports everywhere

Reports and Charts are pervasive in S2Web safety software and feature in almost every module. Two report types are available: summary reports that display a broad selection of records, and Individual reports that show more details from a single record. All are completely configurable and can be easily shared or saved for future reference.

Highlight critical Safety KPI's

S2Web's Reporting features include powerful search parameters and filtering capabilities. These allow you to drill-down into data and create unique segments for revealing hidden safety problems and highlight the Key Performance Indicator figures for informing your business decisions.

Save unique 'Views' to Dashboards

New to S2Web for 2018, Dashboards is a space where you can save custom reports for actively monitoring the performance of your organization. For use by management and safety officers, dashboard reports can be displayed as statistics or graphic charts with custom color keys allowing you to see all your KPI's and activity gaps at a glance.

Flexible file types

Reports can be exported to a number of different file types to enable data interchange between systems. Formats include XML, Excel, Word or CSV. S2Web also has a number of options for importing data from external systems, including CSV files or JSON end points.

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