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Safety Training

Effortless Safety Training Programs

Take the load off delivering and tracking safety training programs with automated course assignment and completion sign-off to ensure your staff are fully oriented and certified to work safely. Timely expiration and course refresher notifications help you keep employee skills up-to-date and group training programs are greatly simplified with our integrated Curriculum application.

See All with Matrix

As a valuable analysis tool in S2Web's Training module, 'Matrix View' goes beyond the limitations of conventional spreadsheets for highlighting gaps in training. Driven by the rules used to define staff training requirements and populated with live data from both the People & Training modules, it provides a familiar look and a clear indication of the training requirements for individuals and teams.

Integrated Learning

Integrated into S2Web is a simplified Learning Management System (LMS) allowing you to create course content with supporting video or PDF documents as well as Q&A testing for evaluating participants. A simple report including calculated scores can be generated to show you who has taken the training and how much they understood.

Curriculum for Groups

One of the challenges in keeping track of training requirements lies in defining what is needed for an employee at any given point. S2Web's Curriculum simplifies this process by allowing you to connect any number of courses to any individual or grouping of employees. The same business rules are used to drive a number of reporting options (reports, charts, tree views).

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