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About Us

Ron Spence

Founder - Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Ron Spence

Earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from York University. Ron has many years of senior safety management experience coupled with programming and implementation of safety management software of varying complexity (desktop, network and web based) for many national and international organizations.

Ron's intellectual property is the foundation of the S2 Product line.

Linda Findlay

Director of Business Development & Client Services


Linda has a Bachelor's Degree from McGill University, several years of experience in business development, some of which have been in a management role that has involved HR, Safety, and Software. Linda acts as a liaison and project manager working closely with clients and ensuring their S2 product of choice meets or exceeds expectations.   In her off hours, Linda Findlay is heavily involved in her community through health & safety campaigns, fundraisers, and volunteer work.

The programming team is fully experienced in a number of platforms Access, Visual Basic, ASP, Oracle, PHP, MySQL, SQL, and .NET. Each member has their own area of expertise which is fully utilized during the creation, maintenance and enhancement of S2 products. Whether handling a custom requirement, scheduled enhancement, or creating a new product, we work with the people whose skill set is most suited to the project. We are fortunate and grateful to work with such a talented group.