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Pioneers of Health and Safety Management Software

Spence Software is one of the original health and safety software companies. Founded in 1995, Spence has been developing occupational safety software for over 20 years resulting in one of the most capable and cost-effective options available today—S2Web. From its early beginnings as a MS Access desktop program to its current form running as a modern SaaS application, Spence has remained committed to ensuring that the data the safety department manages is effective in reducing incident rates.

What makes Spence Software unique?

As a small business, our quick response and familiar voice at the end of the phone are enough for many of our customers to call us their ‘go-to’ safety provider. For others with more sophisticated needs, it’s our extensive safety knowledge and software development expertise that helps them to keep up with changes in technology and safety regulations.

Safety Expertise

Having been in the safety software business longer than just about any other company, our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge of safety requirements in a wide range of industries. As well as providing Helpdesk support for software troubleshooting we also offer consultancy services for developing safety best practices.

Continual Development

Advances in software languages, new mobile devices and disruptive new technologies such as RF-Tags (for tracking industrial equipment) mean that we are continually developing our code base to incorporate enhancements and add new features to maintain S2Web's value proposition.

Custom Integrations

For customers with unique requirements such as special data entry forms, integration with third-party applications or the development of custom reporting ‘engines’, Spence provides custom application development services for S2Web module modifications and writing entirely new applications from scratch.

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