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Introducing S2Web by Spence Software

S2Web is a fully featured Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management Software solution for ensuring safety best practices across your organization. Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, S2Web covers all aspects of occupational safety program management including employee performance and safety training, inspections and job hazard analysis, incident and claims, auditing and regulatory compliance and comes with an integrated document storage and library system.

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— What Clients are saying About S2Web —

S2Web EHS Management Software is an efficient program that provides everyone in our company with one location to log and review our safety data and easily assign and track tasks that require action.

Tiffany Hofley  |  Safety Team Member, Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd (UEE)

S2Web is an important record management tool that ensures that Cummins Sales & Service remains compliant with all provincial and federal Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as well as NSC safety standards.

Mariette Cyr  |  HSE Administrator, Cummins

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System is a key component of Pyramid Corporation investing in the best tools to achieve our 'Target Zero through the Power of Prevention' initiative.

Terri Cornish  |  HSE Administrator, Pyramid Corporation

— S2Web Safety Management Software Features —

— Top S2Web Platform Features —
  • Cloud-based Safety Software
  • Unlimited User Access
  • Fully Safety Standards Compliant
  • Desktop/Mobile/Tablet Compatible
  • Multi-Layered Data Security
  • Over 20 Safety & HR modules
  • Custom Data Entry Forms
  • Integrated Document Control
  • Powerful Search & Filtering Options
  • Saved Dashboard 'Views'

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