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Introducing S2Web Safety Management Software by Spence Software

S2Web is a fully featured Safety Management Software application for ensuring safety best practices across your organization. Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, S2Web covers all aspects of health and safety management including employee performance and safety training, inspections, job hazard analysis, incident and claims and comes with an integrated document storage and library system.

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S2Web Safety Software Modules

People Management

S2Web's extensive employee safety management software tools provide you with a 'big picture' of your employee's well-being in the workplace. Track and report on a broad range of employee safety and HRM performance indicators. Stay on top of contractors to ensure they meet safety standards... [ More ]

Safety Training

Take the load off delivering and reviewing safety training programs with automated course assignment and completion sign-off to ensure your staff are fully oriented and certified to work safely. S2Web's safety training management software provides timely expiration and course refresher... [ More ]

Preventative Actions

S2Web's Actions features are where the rubber meets the road in making significant safety improvements across your organization. Schedule Meetings and establish formal step-by-step procedures through Job Safety and Job Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA). Easily input Inspections and Safety... [ More ]

Incidents and Claims

S2Web's safety incident management and claims tracking software features provide detailed record keeping capabilities and simple claims processing to cover the full safety incident lifecycle. Record conversations with effected workers and all adjusters, supervisors and witnesses along... [ More ]

Reports and Charts

Safety reports and charts are essential for making good business decisions which is why you'll find them available throughout S2Web safety software. Choose from multiple statistical or graphic chart types. Create unique segments for revealing hidden safety issues and highlighting Key... [ More ]

Document Control

Document control and storage is fully integrated across S2Web allowing you to attach photos, PDF and MS Office files directly into your records where required. S2Web includes a large quota of centralized file storage so that space is never at a premium. Library access permissions provide... [ More ]

What Clients are saying About S2Web

S2Web is an important record management tool that ensures that Cummins Sales & Service remains compliant with all provincial and federal Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as well as NSC safety standards.

Mariette Cyr  |  HSE Administrator, Cummins

S2Web EHS Management Software is an efficient program that provides everyone in our company with one location to log and review our safety data and easily assign and track tasks that require action.

Tiffany Hofley  |  Safety Team Member, Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd (UEE)

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate Safety Management System is a key component of Pyramid Corporation investing in the best tools to achieve our 'Target Zero through the Power of Prevention' initiative.

Terri Cornish  |  HSE Administrator, Pyramid Corporation

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