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Case Studies


Spence Software has several clients who have multiple companies using S2Web Corporate™ as their standard for safety management. Among them are Pyramid Corporation, PME Inc., Terus Construction, GCS Energy, NCSG and by far, the most challenging was Imperial Oil.

Imperial Oil needed a consistent platform from which to measure their 26 Esso branded re-sellers all of whom had several branches and varying scope of business. The Esso branded re-seller project start with a few key stakeholders representing the re-sellers and a team from Imperial Oil. S2Web’s platform was massaged to allow for each company to only see their information and their branches. This was especially difficult when it came to training. Each company had their own course list and even though they were the same course, expiration periods varied from company to company. Operation Advisors were only to see the results of entries not the entries themselves. The end result was buy-in from the re-sellers as it was a turnkey system and was easy to use. The Operations Advisors were happy as they had the numbers they needed at their fingertips and could make suggestions for improvement based on those numbers. The standard suite of modules was increased in 2017 to include Asset Management & Maintenance.