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Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Team Construction is a privately held construction company without the typical vertical-market focus of many of their competitors. Driven by community needs, Team Construction has tackled a broad scope of projects from luxury homes and estates to condos, daycare centers, schools, churches and even fish ladders. In over 40 years of operating the company has seen many advances in technology, materials and safety practices. But one thing has remained unchanged—Team's commitment to quality, value and working with local clients and contractors to build win-win partnerships.



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The Challenge

The construction industry has had one of the highest injury rates compared to almost any other sector. The reasons for this are a culture of safety ignorance, hazardous working conditions and a heavy use of contractors who are difficult to pin-down. For larger construction companies with greater financial incentives, more formal work procedures have long been established resulting in declining injury rates. However, for smaller firms like Team Construction, job sites continue to be very high risk work environments and they are trapped between limited resources and more stringent regulations.

Our Solution

While Team Construction is not a large company, they wanted to tackle safety issues as if they were. What they needed was an affordable, easy-to-use safety management system to create a highly disciplined, safety-focused operation and approached us to see if we could help. Partnering closely with Team Construction, we were able to take advantage of S2Web’s modular components to create a cost-effective workplace safety software ‘package’ that matches their needs for improved safety awareness, hazard reduction and contractor management.

The Results

The incident rate for Team Construction’s projects is at an all-time low. This helps them to maintain low WCB premiums, providing significant cost savings. Their management team is more organized and able to focus more on customer needs. More importantly, the workers know that workplace safety is a high priority and their families know they will not be injured on the job.

S2Web Corporate Safety Management System provides a complete repository for all of our safety and training related documentation as well as equipment maintenance. S2Web is easy to navigate and makes our record keeping a breeze to maintain and access whenever critical information is required. We love how S2Web has improved the administration of our overall safety program as well as greatly simplifying our COR Audit review process. We would highly recommend Spence Software to anyone who is serious in improving their safety and overall record keeping.

Mark Coleman  |  CSO, Team Construction

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