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S2Web Customization

Tailored to your needs

Designed for maximum flexibility, S2Web safety management system software offers a multitude of customization options for creating a solution tailored exactly to your needs. A custom S2Web module "package" can be created to match the size and complexity of your organization. Custom data entry forms, reports and dashboard views with powerful querying options can all be configured through a special settings control panel. Need something "outside the box"? Let us custom build you something to suit.

Custom Modules

S2Web installations run on entirely separate web spaces and databases creating a highly customizable environment as well as a very secure one. This allows us to match customer needs with a custom S2Web suite of safety and HR modules which can be updated as your needs change and your business grows.

Custom Entry Forms, Reports and more

Built into S2Web's safety and HR modules as standard are a wealth of customizable features. Custom data entry forms and report types can be created to suit different tasks across different departments and locations. Powerful search parameters and filters allow you to drill-down into data, creating unique segments to pinpoint safety issues. All can be saved as dashboard 'views' for daily monitoring or timely auditing.

Custom Application Development

Spence offers application development services for extending the capabilities of S2Web modules or integrating S2Web with other third-party applications. To-date we've helped customers create complex inter-department reports, safety investment calculators, and seamless external database connections with many of these features finding their way into the core S2Web code base. (See our Case Studies for recent examples)

Customization Case Studies

CL Refrigeration Logo

C&L Refrigeration

To streamline its hiring effort, C&L Refrigeration needed to create a secure connection between S2Web and a third-party web site, allowing new hire details to migrate automatically without duplication or errors.

Cummins Logo


Find out how a custom S2Web report helped Cummins Sales & Service management team go further in calculating their workplace safety software investment across 25 branch offices—all at the click of a button.

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Imperial Oil

Find out how a customized version of S2Web safety management software allowed Imperial Oil to track multiple branches and business activities, achieving buy-in from end users and providing valuable new business metrics.

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