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Safety Data Tracking
Comprehensive and easy to use

"Prior to this solution, we had good documentation but lacked easy accessibility for all staff and the program in its entirety. Trying to keep track of the safety needs of 40-plus field staff, the training requirements and notification of the expiry dates was the genesis of the need for a comprehensive program. The site is easy to use and navigate so you can quickly look up what you need and get out into the field."

Training Tracker

"The migration from the desktop S2Console training database to the web-based S2Web training database was seamless and now provides flawless performance for AREVA's Training Group. Spence Software took the time to ensure all of our needs were met and have provided AREVA with exceptional customer support..."

Safety Software that saves you time

"Being a "one-person" department, S2Console has greatly streamlined the process in terms of managing my documentation and training records. On average, S2Console saves myself 20 hours per month that I can dedicate to other projects."

We build Safety Management Systems for the Oil & Gas sector

"As the management group for three industrial construction companies, that serve petrochemical, oil & gas, mining and power generation industries, PME Inc., finds that S2Web Corporate is essential for operating an effective health and safety program..."




Safety Software Built By Safety Professionals

“We offer the features and functionality our clients tell us are essential to them.”


Thank you for visiting our website.  Every day we are approached by people who are frustrated and overwhelmed with their paper or spreadsheet based safety tracking systems. They describe the horrendous amount of stress associated to reporting to senior management, identifying trends, training due and the hours upon hours of work required to produce their LTI/TRI. Audits are painful and very time consuming. They long to have a much more simplified system which is built to their unique circumstance. Of course budgets are also of concern, so on top of needing a system which is comprehensive and flexible, you need to be cost effective.

Often times there are just a few people making inconsistent entries and that is the root of the issue. They tell us they need one point of reference with several points of access all on a consistent and easy to use platform. They need a world where many are participating in making their safety program effective and identifying areas of improvement. If asked what they would do with the time they save, they all answer the same way – take on a more proactive role and spend their time promoting continuous improvement.

We were once in your shoes and we are happy to tell you that over the course of decades with the help and feedback from many clients and thousands of users, we have developed solutions which are tried, proven and true. We take great pleasure in providing clients with a viable solution and watching their success.

See it for yourself, dream big, create your perfect world and then tell us about it.

Safety Management Systems using the 5 W’s