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Safety Data Tracking
Comprehensive and easy to use

"Prior to this solution, we had good documentation but lacked easy accessibility for all staff and the program in its entirety. Trying to keep track of the safety needs of 40-plus field staff, the training requirements and notification of the expiry dates was the genesis of the need for a comprehensive program. The site is easy to use and navigate so you can quickly look up what you need and get out into the field."

Training Tracker

"The migration from the desktop S2Console training database to the web-based S2Web training database was seamless and now provides flawless performance for AREVA's Training Group. Spence Software took the time to ensure all of our needs were met and have provided AREVA with exceptional customer support..."


“Since 2011, S2Console provided a way to manage our company’s documentation and training records and saved man hours by streamlining processes. Due to company expansion, and remaining a one person HSE department, we upgraded to S2Web Corporate! The web based platform is even easier to use and further streamlines many processes saving countless man hours. S2Web Corporate has allowed me to spread the accountability beyond my department without hiring additional staff and is helping us to manage our growth.”

We build Safety Management Systems for the Oil & Gas sector

"As the management group for three industrial construction companies, that serve petrochemical, oil & gas, mining and power generation industries, PME Inc., finds that S2Web Corporate is essential for operating an effective health and safety program..."

Safety Software Built By Safety Professionals

“We offer the features and functionality our clients tell us are essential to them.”


Spence Software, a pioneer in safety management software, delivers comprehensive EHS Management solutions to help you manage all aspects of workplace safety.  Spence Software’s solutions are the result of decades of development and fine-tuning by our in-house safety experts and feedback from thousands of users.

Spence Software’s staff have hands-on and field experience in both Human Resources and Safety.  We understand your needs and are able to guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate combination of modules and functions to suit your business, complement existing infrastructure, and support your safety culture.  Through our integrated Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) we take care of the entire on-boarding process from system configuration, customization, data collection and vetting, staff orientation and ongoing support.

Spence Software’s S2Web Corporate offers a capability and versatility matched only by the most expensive corporate level solutions at an affordable price point.  We strive to remove barriers and limitations to achieve the best safety culture possible and empower the workplace with the tools necessary to simply, accurately, effectively, and efficiently communicate to realize a quick turnaround in operational confidence.  Contact us for a FREE DEMO

Safety Management Systems using the 5 W’s